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Aus CH. SENNEN SHE CHLOE  -   Chloe    is the softest and the most sweet natured girl.  She is a stunning bitch, gaining her Aust Champ title at 15 months old. 




At the Perth Royal Show 2001, 2002, runner up challenge bitch.. Then after her first litter and a twelve month break,  went on to win challenge and Reserve Best of Breed, Perth Royal Show 2004. 

The first partner in her life was Zanzebern Intrepid Bear ( Bentley ) The mating produced a gorgeous single male Pup Abbiberne Maxamillion, ( BEN ) sadly, Bentley passed away shortly after.
Her second litter was from Aus GR CH Bernerdalens Qantas (IMP SWD), "Tas"
She produced a beautiful litter of 7 pups.  One of which we kept, (Berry), who went on to become titled and another pup Abbiberne Sweet Magic -  (Nadia), went to a Show/Breeder home and also became titled and who has recently produced her first litter of 8 beautiful pups with Morgan. We are very proud of both Nadia and her "Mum" Megan Luxford, for taking her to Title and taking care of her through her pregnancy and litter.
Chloe's final litter was a litter of 5 beautiful pups with Aus CH Sitzendorf star Sensation (IMP UK), "Morgan"
One of these pups - Abbiberne Mountain Mist - (Bella), made her debut in to the showring winning Baby Puppy of Breed, In Group and on to Baby Puppy in Show. Over the following months she went on to become titled, and we are very proud of her and her "Mum," Marion Green.

        **** Chloe passed peacefully away on Sunday afternoon 03/05/09 **** 
      R.I.P. 13/12/00 to 03/05/09

Chloe with pup Bella 

Aus.CH. Sitzendorf Star Sensation - Morgan came to Australia from UK in
 November 2004

Thanks  to Sylvia Ashford, Sitzendorf Kennels in UK for sending us this handsome, gentle man.
Mr Morgan as we call him, has the most wonderful soft temperament with impeccable manners and a very gentle nature.  He has passed on this wonderful trait to all of his puppies.


Mr Morgan


Aus.CH. Abbiberne Sweet Promise - BERRY is the daughter of Chloe & Qantas born in 2005 
Having the same sweet soft nature of her mother, she loves to bury her head in your arms for a cuddle.

She is a larger size Bernese than her sisters.  We hope to have a litter from her later this year.
Berry attained her title at the age of Two.




Zweet Zabrina av Hiselfoss -  Ranee came to Australia from Norway in March 2008

Thanks go to Gro Solberg, Hiselfoss Kennels in Norway, for sending us this gorgeous girl.
Ranee has beautiful conformation, fabulous coat, and a lovely soft nature.  She is delightful to have around and already has a couple of Challenge Certificates towards her Australian Title. 
During the Perth Summer she has had a break from the Conformation Shows, but  now that the weather has cooled down  she will continue to be shown. 




All Together at the Perth Royal Show 2008




Aus CH. SENNEN ABBI - ABBI  was our foundation bitch, the smartest, at times most stubborn, sweetest natured girl, who never stopped giving  herself, and with an everlasting desire  to live every minute of her life to the fullest. She was incredibly sociable and tuned in to human beings. Alerting us if a tap had been left on somewhere and just before the phone rang she would let you know.  She had many funny traits, just a few of which are as follows: Loved to sleep in the shower recess at night, cuddled a soft toy for hours some evenings, cocked her head on one side when you talked to her, deftly picked blackberries off the bushes between her teeth and eat them and the grapes in the garden.  She would help carry in the shopping, carefully holding the handles of a bag in her mouth, also loved to carry out items to be put in the bin. Abbi loved to be "working" with you, this very often became evident when she would go in to the shed and sneak out with tools, adding them to her collection of items in a carefully built den she had created behind a huge philodendron plant. She never grew out of digging.  These were not just holes, they were huge pits. Then she progressed to digging tunnels under the brick paving areas, under the house pad, and under the lemon tree and out the otherside. (The lemon tree somehow managed to survive to this day). These tunnels were  a masterpiece of engineering.  She would totally disappear in the garden underground. There was no other word for it she was in the Excavation business.
The soft side of her showed when she would pick out disabled people and sit up against them to give them her unconditional love.
A truly wonderful Ambassador for the breed, people at the showgrounds always remember her as the Bernese that sat in the chair with us at every show we went to. 
She is missed terribly.  Thankyou Abbi for being you, and introducing us to this wonderful breed.
Abbi had a singleton litter from Aus CH. Zanzebern Sokit Turi. ( Hobby )
They produced Abbiberne Mystic Harmony,
( Hanna ) who inherited all of her Mum's enthusiasm, but with the soft gentle  nature of Hobby .......



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